The measuring and analysis system Accrow is designed for on-water training and rowing races.
Designed in cooperation with
The device measures the boat motion with GPS and boat acceleration with a MEMS-sensor
BeSB GmbH Berlin Sound and Vibration
during the rowing trip. The data were stored and can be transferred via WLAN to a notebook for
Engineering & Prof. Dr. Klaus Mattes
the analysis.
& Dr. Nina Schaffert University of Hamburg

The provided evaluation software Regatta performs different rowing specific analysis routines:

Department of Human Movement

1) load analysis for on-water training 
2) race analysis (alternatively for 2000m, 1000m or 500m rowing races)
3) start analysis

Accrow facilitates the precise analysis and optimization of on-water training as well as the global analysis of a 2000-m-rowing race profile including its main phases (start, pick-up acceleration, max. acceleration, max. boat velocity, transition-phase). The device specifies and provides the main details of the external training load (boat velocity, stroke frequency, propulsion per stroke), volume (distance travelled, number of rowing strokes) and time duration (driving time per section).


Accrow-Live - online visualization of rowing data

(Download demo version)


  Dimensions: 98mm x 64mm x 34mm

Race analysis with Accrow

Postprocessing and evaluation of the race result is an important part of a regatta for athletes and coaches in order to draw and determine consequences from the race process for tactics and training.

Example for a race analysis with Accrow

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Flyer Accrow Report Messung und Analyse der Bootsbewegung mit Accrow
University ofHamburg Department of Human Movement Science  
Contact: nina.schaffert(at)  


Purchase and Rental options:

01 Measuring and analysis-system for training and competition (data-capture device, 6V accumulator, charging device, analysissoftware Regatta, Manual, suitcase)

02 Option: realtime data visualization in the accomapnying boat (Accrow-Live)

03 Option Sonification the accomapnying boat (is currently being developed)

Rentaloption 1 up to 4 weeks                                                                                                                                             

If interested please contact Dr. Nina Schaffert or BeSB GmbH Berlin.


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